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bank soal bahasa ingggris smp kelas 9 1


Read the caution then answer question 1.

1.     Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide.
What is the meaning of the underlined word?
a.        The gas from the generator
b.        The waste gas from the generator
c.        Carbon monoxide
d.        A poison

Read the text to answer question 2-3.
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Dear Kartika
Our sincere Congratulations on your success as The Best Washington City Journalist 2009.
This will support you to write more articles.

The manager and staff of 
Moonlight Publisher
2.        What does Kartika do? She is a …
a.        staff                         c. journalist             
b.         manager                  d. publisher
3.        The text is written in order to …
a.        Congratulate Kartika on her success.
b.        Inform people about the best journalist.
c.        Tell people to congratulate Kartika.
d.        Invite to come to the moonlight publisher.

Folded Corner: From  : Mum
To : All

Dear folks,
I’ll be home at seven because I need to attend a sudden  meeting. Please don`t forget to do all your chores. Water the garden, feed the pets, and make your own beds after the naps.
Please remind Daddy to prepare dinner for us as he promised to fix us grilled snapper and chicken soup. He`ll be home early at two today.
Thanks a million and see you all soon.

Much love,
Read the text and answer question 4-5.

4.        The writer writes the text because she…
a.        Needs her children`s help.
b.        Cannot cook for her family.
c.        Will come home late.
d.        Has to go with her husband.
5.        The text shows that the writer`s husband…cook well.
a.        Can                                          c. can`t
b.        Won`t                                      d. has to

Rounded Rectangle: We invite you to come to OSIS meeting. It will be held:

Day/date : on Saturday. April 20, 2010
Time  : at 2 p.m.
Place  : in the school hall
Agenda  : The planning of class meeting

Please come on time

The chairman

Read the text to answer question 6-7.

6.     Which one is true according to the text?
a.        The meeting will discuss about the head master planning.
b.        The participants can come fifteen minutes after the opening.
c.         The meeting will be held in the school.
d.        The participants must be punctual.
7.     What is the purpose of the text?
a.        It is to have the members to join the class meeting.
b.        It is to give information to the students to join the class meeting.
c.        It is to invite the OSIS member to discuss about the class meeting.
d.        It is to give information to the OSIS members.

Flowchart: Predefined Process: Announcement

 All students of eight F are supposed to gather in our class at 2 p.m. to talk about the planning to visit Radya Pustaka Museum tomorrow.Read the text then answer question 8-9.

8.     Where will the students talk about their plan?
a.        In the school
b.        In the Radya Pustaka Museum
c.        In the classroom
d.        In the school hall
9.     The word ‘supposed’ in the text has similar meaning to?
a.        Need
b.        Need to
c.        Must to
d.        Will

Read the following advertisement then answer question 10-11.
10.     Text Box: Festival of India
Embassy of India Jakarta

Date & Time: 26-28 November, 2009; 10 AM – 7 PM daily
Venue: Jakarta Convention Center (JCC, Merak 1, 2 &3)

Handicrafts, handlooms, textiles, furnishings, health and herbal products, wedding outfits, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, leathers products, travel and hotels.

Entry is free

For more information contacts: Ms Ayu/Ms Ina 021-52892411;
www.foijakarta.comWhat is being advertised?
a.        Jakarta Convention Center
b.        Accessories
c.        Indian Lifestyle and products
d.        Herbal products
11.     What is the similar meaning of the words ‘outfits’?
a.        Accessories
b.        Shoes
c.        Cosmetics
d.        Clothes

Read the label then answer question 12 and 13.
Migraine Headache
60 Tablets

Regular price: $7.49
Sale price: $4.95, 3/$14.46

Hyland's Migraine Headache Relief
This formula works fast to relieve migraine headache pain without aspirin, caffeine or sedatives. Just 100%, non-drowsy natural relief. Hyland's Migraine Headache Relief provides relief from the symptoms of migraine headaches. This all-natural formula is free of aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine.
Indications for Use:
Temporarily relieves the symptoms of migraine pain.
Glonoinum 12X HPUS
Belladonna 6X HPUS
Gelsemium 6X HPUS
Nux Vomica 6X HPUS
Iris Versicolor 6X HPUS
Sanguinaria Canadensis 6X HPUS
Available in bottles of 60 tablets.



Read the text to answer questions 51 to 53.
Little Brother, Little Sister

      Maltreated by their stepmother, who was a witch, a little brother and sister fled into the woods. After running for a while, the brother said: ”I’m so thirsty. Lets find a spring and have a drink.”
      As the young boy bent down to drink, his sister heard a voice which said: “Who drinks from me will turn into a fawn.” It was the witch.! Too late the sister tried to prevent her brother from drinking. The young boy changed at once into a fawn. In tears, the little girl made a lead and collar out of her belt, and led the fawn off into the woods. There they found an abandoned cottage and lived together, far from any danger.
      One day, however, the king was hunting in the woods, and he spied the fawn, which could not resist the urge to wander away from the cottage. The king and his hunters chased the fawn all the way back   home. There, the king followed it into the cottage, where he found a young girl stroking the frightened animal. She was so beautiful and gentle   that the king fell in love with her at once. He asked her to be his wife, and his words caused the maiden to cry for joy. When one of her tears fell on the fawn, it changed back to her brother once more. Their goodness and love had overcome the witch`s evil spell, and the they lived safely and happily with the king for ever after.
                                                                                                                Taken from 366 and more Fairy Tales, 1990

51.  Why did the brother and sister flee into the woods? Because…
a.        They had been maltreated by the stepmother
b.        They had been treated well by their stepmother
c.        They wanted to leave home
d.        They felt very happy
52.  What is the text about?
a.        A little sister and brother that was maltreated by their step mother.
b.        The king found an abandoned cottage.
c.        The king drunk something and get cursed.
d.        The king said something bad to his mother.
53.  What can we learn from the story?
a.        The king married the young girl.
b.        Evil will win the game.
c.        A goodness will win in the end.
d.        Friendship will be last forever.

Choose the best answer to complete the letter.

I have a two-year-old male cat. 54 .... is stray.  We allow him into the house but he loves the outdoors. There is other big cat in the neighborhood that is rather fierce. My problem is after a fight with the big cat, my cat 55 ... home with 56.... Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to rescue him from a fight. Please tell me how to end this problem.
54.     a. he                                 b. she                                       c. him                                      d. her
55.     a. return                           b. returned                               c. will return                            d. returns
56.     a. bleeding scars              b. bleeded scars                       c. much scars                           d. a little scars                         

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